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Glam Gracefully Event Gatherings

Updated: May 2, 2020

Whether you want to gather your gals for a fun filled evening of glam, or bring co-workers together for group building, Glam Gracefully Gatherings are for you!

The Experience

(what you can expect):

  • Application Education-guest will choose from a list of makeup techniques that they wish to learn more about during the event.

  • Makeup Application for each paying guest.

  • A take home beauty gift is supplied for each paying guest.

The Experience Plus

(what you can expect):

  • Everything listed above with the addition of hair styling services along with food and beverage catering (please contact for details and pricing)!

Price Breakdown:

(each event must have a minimum of 5 paying guest):

  • Cost per guest is $100, with an event minimum of $500.

  • Hair styling services are available for an additional fee (please contact, for details).

  • Food and drink services are available for an additional fee (please contact for details).

  • Travel is included in price up to 30 miles, any travel thereafter that will incur a $1 charge for every additional mile.

  • Each paying guest will receive a take home beauty product (minimum $20 value)!

  • Additional take home gifts can be purchased in advance for non paying guest ($10 per guest).

  • Discounts are offered for events with over 10 paying guest (please contact, for details).

I feel beautiful without makeup on, but when I do put makeup on, it just gives me this extra pop. ~Cardi B

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