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Building your Skincare Regimen

We all need a boost!

I want to talk more about a common topic.

How to build a good skincare regimen!

It’s never too early!

When you are shopping for skincare do you get that overwhelming feeling? The one where you are glaring at so many options but don't know how to choose between them? Or constantly asking yourself what you really need?

My goal is to help you build your regimen. I will give you several of my personal recommendations to suit all different budgets!

This is for everyone wanting more-but does not know where to start!

Sit back, and relax because I am about to make it super simple for you!

The Basics: what you will need!


2.Exfoliate (1-2x a week)


4.Eye Cream



7.Mask (1x a week)



I always suggest simple cleansers. I also do not reccomend using your cleanser to remover your makeup. Use a water based wipe-such as a Water Wipe or the (magic) Makeup Eraser Cloth.

Herbavore makes a beautiful Pink Clay Facial Bar that is inexpensive and will last you a long time! It is gentle enough to use both am and pm.

If you're in a pinch and need a quick drug store grab-I suggest Cerve, and Cetaphil gentle washes.

For a splurge, try Farm House Fresh-Green Tea Milk Wash!

If you have acne, you would use a treatment face wash for your pm cleansing (see my past acne post for more details).


Exfoliating regularly will help with your skins natural turn over rate.

My absolute favorite exfoliator is Dermalogia Daily Microfoliant it is a bit pricy but the trial size is only 15$ and it can be stretched very far! You will only need a bit of this dry scrub. It activates with a tiny stream of water to sud up in your palms. Always start with your t-zone and work your way out!

Sand Your Ground by Farm house fresh is a bit more of an abrasive exfoliator that can also be used as a mask! I absolutely love this company, I discovered them at a beauty convention and I truly believe you can't go wrong with any of their products!


For those just building your skincare regimen you can use witch hazel to save a few dollars. But also check out The Ordinary-Glycolic Acid Toning Solution. I recently stumbled across this (new to me) brand. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the price tags attached to the products! This was a GOOD surprise as the cost is so reasonable for products that typically cost 5 to 10 times the amount!

I personally use a daily toner 2x a day am and pm made from Bio Elements. Bio Elements is a spa quality brand and their entire collection is wonderful! Their website also offers a "survey" to help find products to fit your needs!


I want to give you a few options. If you can splurge-I have yet to find an eye cream as good as the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright. If you do not typically wear makeup it instantly makes your under eyes appear more luminous.

If you want to start with a less pricy option. Remember, something is better than nothing! I suggest the eye cream by Sephoras “clean line”.


As much as I love and believe in high end products, "The Ordinary" packs a punch for their reasonable prices. Which is great for a beginner who is trying to build a nice regimen!

I bought two of their serums so far and both have been such lovely quality that I have to pass on the good news!

The “Buffet” is a great anti aging serum. I also picked up the “Organic Rose Hip Seed Oil for my reddness.

I use one at night (rose oil) and one in the morning (the buffet) I also use an acne serum 2x a week by Sunday Riley (see acne post).

Other serums I highly recommend would be from Ole Henriksen, Sunday Riley, and Herbivore (great for my really dry friends) but they will carry a hefty price tag!


The mission statement from The Ordinary, "Clinical Formulations with Integrity" is a good place to start! Their quality is really lovely for the price. Their Moisturizer will run you a whopping 5$ and you will only need a pea size amount for your entire face!

To give you some options, I also love the moisturizers from Ren, Ole Herdricson, Farm House Fresh as well as Bio Elements.


A mask is a great way to incorporate a product that specifically targets your needs. It will give your skin that extra boost. Moisture? Acne? Pigmentation? Whatever it may be I try to stick to more natural based products.

I love the BioElements Measured Micrograins mask and ANYTHING from Farm House Fresh!


As always, I recommend a lot of water, a good vitamin, and a probiotic (see past acne post for recommendations).

I hope this helps you build your regimen! If you buy and try, tag me in your post! As always I am here for you, to help you achieve your skin care goals!. You can find my contact information on my website or follow along on Instagram @glamgracefully!

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